Wildfire Prevention


The geography, weather patterns and number of Wildland Urban Interface communities in California make it a state particularly threatened by devastating wildfire. To help educate property owners and residents in areas most at risk, CAL FIRE has developed a communications program called “Ready, Set, Go!” that breaks down the actions needed to be ready for wildfire.

    Get prepared for wildfire before it strikes by following Ready, Set, Go!     
Be Ready: Create and maintain defensible space and harden your home against flying embers.
Get Set: Prepare your family and home ahead of time for the possibility of having to evacuate.
Be Ready to GO!: Take the evacuation steps necessary to give your family and home the best chance of surviving a wildfire.

We encourage you to go to the website:  www.readyforwildfire.org to watch a video and read Cal Fire’s brochure READY, SET, GO!